Q: I used to order my products through TherapySitesStore.com, is this the same company? 

A: Yes! We operated three separate stores, TherapySitesStore.com, CoachingWebsitesStore.com, and DoctorSitesStore.com, and recently combined them all onto our new system under this domain. Rest assured, we are still the same company as before, and we still have all your same artwork and previous orders on file. 


Q: I have ordered from you before but cannot access my account. 

A: Unfortunately when we upgraded to our shiny new system, we lost some customer data. Please create a new account here. Rest assured, we are still the same company as before, and we still have all your same artwork and previous orders on file. 


Q: I have an account for my TherapySites website, but I cannot log into my account here. 

A: The print division is different than the web department; therefore, you must make a separate account here, which you can do by visiting the account registration page


Q: I have a website through TherapySites, do you have my credit card information on file?

A: The print division is different than the web department; therefore, we do not have your credit card information on file.


Q: Why doesn't the preview of the card change when I put my information in? 

A: One of the benefits to using us for your marketing materials is that you'll be working with a real live designer to create the perfect product. Nothing is automated, so you'll be getting a proof to your inbox (make sure to check the email your account is registered under!) within 1-3 business days after we receive your order. 


Q: Can I see a proof of my products before placing an order?

A: Due to the time required for our designers to create proofs based on your information, we do require payment before we send any proofs.


Q: Can I see a proof before my products get printed?

A: We always send a digital proof to your email before printing and we will never send anything to print without your approval. Hardcopy proofs are not available.


Q: What happens if I don't like my proof? 

A: You get up to three rounds of edits included in the process, anything after that will be charged at $15 per round of requests. If you decide you still do not want to go through with your order, we can refund all but a $25 of the original price to compensate for the time spent processing the order. 


Q: How long does it take to receive my products?

A: Once you place an order, it will take 1 to 3 business days to receive a proof. Once the proof is approved it will take 7 to 11 business days for your products to arrive. Sometimes, we can make accommodations in the case that you need products faster – just ask us what options we have available. It may require a rush fee, or sometimes we can also offer digital products for you to print locally while you wait for your high quality products to arrive.

Q: How does the "Rush My Order" option work? 

A: Our designers process orders in the order in which they are received, so if you need your proofs fast, just select the "Rush My Order" option at the top of the informational fields on the product. This pushes your order to the top of the design pile, which will get you a proof within 1 business day. Please note we cannot rush the printing/production processes for the products. If you need your products really fast, let our designers know and we can send over your options. 


Q: Does selecting "Rush My Order" include expedited shipping? 

A: Because expedited shipping costs vary per product and destination, expedited shipping is not included in this option and would need to be discussed with your designer separately. You can reach out to the design team by emailing directly to proofs@yourprintproducts.com to inquire about expedited pricing. In most cases, you will need to call payment in for the difference from ground to the expedited shipping of your choice. 


Q: Can you ship to PO Boxes? 

A: Unfortunately, most orders are shipped directly from our print facility via UPS or FedEx and therefore cannot ship to PO Boxes and require a physical address for shipping. 


Q: Can you do any products that you don't offer on here? 

A: We are a full-service design team at your fingertips with a large array of capabilities. Send us a message explaining your needs and someone will get back to you with more information. 


Q: I just placed an order, but I need to change something on my product. 

A: As long as your order has not been sent to print yet, this is no problem. Send an email straight to our design team at proofs@yourprintproducts.com with your order number in the email subject.  


Q: Why doesn't the color in my printed products match exactly what it was in the proof? 

A: While we do our best to accurately represent accurate color and texture of the final printed product, please remember that due to color calibration and differences in color between monitors, we cannot guarantee the colors you see on the screen will match the printed product exactly. The actual product may be slightly darker or lighter than what you see on your screen. 


Q: The color in my order doesn't match previous orders exactly. Why is this? 

A: We use a printing process called offset printing, which is where an inked image is plated using a blend of 4 inks, C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow), and K (black), then transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Because of the nature of the four-color printing process, they will likely exhibit slight variances in color between prints, especially prints done in different runs (different orders). For this reason, we cannot guarantee color and in most cases cannot reprint due to a variance in color. If you are unsatisfied with your products and would like to discuss with us further, please send a couple of photos showing 10-15 samples of your products and we can discuss options.